Friday, 4 February 2011

Wise Words Indeed

My friend, Earth told me to get angry. Anger is good. Anger will get me back on my bike. In the past 5 years, I have had fallen off this bike a few times. I am now a seasoned pro, I can get back on the bike. I will get back on the bike. I need to be able to draw a line under the sand. I am sure occasionally I will fall off my bike thats to be expected, I suspect, but I will eventually get the hang of this bike riding and slowly but surely will not fall off so often.

These were wise words from my dear friend.

" Get angry with him primme it helps. Well angry is better, he gave you nothing and promised you all. He is playing with you. He has made no effort before he lost you. So why now? He knows you wanted commitment so offer it now and hope you come back but then don't give the commitment he promised. And move on, he is trying to reel you in (as I predicted) but you need to realise you have nothing from him except empty promises."

And so she is right.

I deleted my Yahoo and Gmail Inbox a few months ago and had myself a meltdown. A fortnight ago, I started clearing debris off my FB Inbox and found his emails. I debated, re-read those emails so many times now that the path is well worn. I deleted those emails now. I had to.  As Lynn Anderson said in her song - I never promised you a rose garden. Nope siree, he never promised me a rose garden.

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