Friday, 4 February 2011

2011 and Plans

I have decided. I need to. I resolve to.

Relocation and Plan A

I saw 2 recruitment agencies towards the end of last year. I am going to give myself 12months to find a suitable position in Singapore. Isabella is already on the waiting list for Chatsworth and she is willing to move. I chose Spore as career wise its the more sensible approach. Its also near home, across the causeway bridge.

I am not just going to accept any job. I am not willing to move for its sake. It has to be the right job, right environment with the right culture. At this point of my career its really important.

So, I will play a wait and see game. This is, of course, Plan A. A suitable Singapore job. Last resort is to explore a transfer to Singapore, after all, our Asia headoffice is in Spore but the idea of being in Legal, scares me. The daily routine grind of contracts and legal amendment, that may drive me to drink


This is my 6th year. This I have to admit its the right job with a good work life balance. I took this job 6 years ago, when Isabella was younger, I was needed more at home. Mentally this job isn't particularly pressurised, well, not all the time. I have learnt an awful lot here and cross jurisdictional too, but now it lack a certain je nais sais quoi. I do like what I do for a living. I enjoy my work, its like a huge ball of messed up box of jigsaw puzzles and I have to with the help of various people put all the jigsaw puzzles and form a picture.

I missed the adrenalin of a huge trading floor or the frantic pace in investment banking, the deal flows at rapid pace. The dealers and traders speaking in rapid quick fire succession. Research papers that have to go out like yesterday. There are days when I miss all that. There's also a camaraderie as well as bawdly talk. Its really sexist environment and the jokes that these guys make, O M G. Its where I learnt how to take as well as dish out. At the same token, I don't miss the long hours, the parties and the heavy socialising either.

I have been to 2 interviews past month, a French bank and an SA. I was initially excited with the SA bank as it is similar in size to where I am now but the more the CEO talked about their business, the less enthusiastic I became. I learnt insurance rules and regulations when it was first introduced here and I remembered Dave dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of ICOB. I hated learning it. I learnt it but its not because I wanted to either.

The French bank meanwhile, I had worked there years ago, when I was a junior. I was not keen on the location of the bank, it meant changing trains but can't be help. I was interested because of the European Head is someone that I admire, Jonathan. We had a good chat about the role and the shoes that I would be filling, however, a fortnight after my interview, the entire department was up for reshuffling and had to be restructured. So, I await further news.

If I can't find anything suitable out in Singapore and if I can find something more suitable here, I may go and work for someone else. But here's my dilemma, Isabella now only has 6 more years before university. When she is at university, I can afford to take my foot of the financial pedal.

Freelance/Consultantcy and Plan B

This is my plan B. This will enable to the freedom to live where I want to live as well as provide me financially as well as mental stimulation.
I will need maybe 5/6 clients and I will be set up and be financially profitable. I have 2 now and soon it will be 3.
With this, there's no requirement that I have to live in London. All I need to is a highspeed broadband system and work during GMT hours. I will have to come back quarterly to visit the clients but thats about it. Its a win-win situation. The clients pay less since I work from home and my home can be anywhere in the world.

A home in Malaysia

Up until 3 years ago, I had a condo in KL. I sold the property for 2 reasons - (a) Mont Kiara was begining to be over populated and overbuilt. (b) I suspect that the financial crisis was lurking and at that time there were rumours abound about the property bubble bursting. I sold, made a tidy profit and paid my father's hospital bills.

This visit in April, I will once again have a quiet look around. I fancy a home in KL. A home. My home. Not to be rented out like my Mont Kiara condo, but my own place. A sanctuary, a place where I can hang my hat when I am home. It doesn't have to be big or palatial or even luxurious. Just a home for me.

Investments and Pension

My private pension is not going to be enough, even coupled with the State Pensions. My SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan), thats not been doing too badly but it was "play" money, its not enough to give me a sensible return on my investments. I will continue to utilise my SIPP fully as its tax efficient.

Chris and I are thinking about investing in buy-to-let properties abroad. We have now 3 cities on the table - SF, NY and Sydney.  We had a look around when we were in NY in October and there were some bargains to be had and the rental yields are pretty solid. SF, we will investigate further in the summer. Sydney? I had a look at a development last year, yes yes yes, when the job offer came about, my conclusion is overpriced and the returns aren't favourable. Maybe I am bias lol.

Choos, Manolo / Louboutin

I want to buy a pair of these shoes. It symbolises freedom. Freedom from his clutches.

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