Monday, 14 February 2011

Should I stay or should I go now?

The Clash.

This is my sixth year here. I have been thinking and debating about my prospects here, since more than a year ago we exited from the LME. Its not because the company was not making money on LME but the future doesn't lie with being a category 2 member. Its no longer cost effective.

I still have not decided to stay or leave. I am casting out my nets and for the first time in 6years looking around and see whats on offer. I don't know. On one hand the idea of going back to being a generalist sounds promising, as I do have experience in most products now, well with the exception of one or two.  The job market in my field is bouyant, surprisingly.

If I stay here, I earn a steady income, not bad but not hugely fantastic either, but the benefits are quite decent and the work life balance is quite good. However, the increasing office politics, do put an unnecessary strain. Promotions and climbing the ladder is non-existant here. I am at the top of my game here and have been for a few years. When I first joined, I didn't have much knowledge of derivatives; especially commodities derivatives. Now, six years later, the story is different.

I was shocked when I put the word out in the market, that I am looking around, I was surprised by the response and the level in which I am now pitched at. On one hand, I am quite excited with doing more, new challenges ahead, the global or group level that I am pitched at. However, the size of the investment bank concerns me, the working hours and the work life balance concerns me.

I'll see how it goes.

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