Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You (Music Video) HD 720p

Post Mortem weekend

The weekend was blissful. Sun is shining. Tasks aplenty. CarpetRight, lava lamps, KFH and Highgate were all to do on Saturday.
In the evening we went to the Katy Perry's gig at Hammersmith Apollo. So, were we the middle age farts seen bopping around! Shame!! The gig itself was too candy sugar coated and a tad patronising, I thought. Maybe I just have a bee in my bonnet about being patronised.
Sunday was a delightful day. Met up with Tracy, we had lunch then a stroll and window shop, from Marylebone to Regents Street. My kind of shopping, look and examine and walk away having bought nothing.
And now today is Tuesday. Why has the week gone?

Friday, 18 March 2011

Norwegian Wood


We went to the Hampstead Everyman theatre yesterday evening. The original Everyman cinema, has been refurbished years ago with big sofas and cushions. Its a cinema that do not serve sodas, hotdogs and popcorn.

The movie itself was an adaptation from the book. The cinematography was captured beautifully. However, the book was too beautifully written and translated and that didn't come across in the movie. A pity really.

Busy weekend ahead. CarpetRight tomorrow, Katy Perry in the evening. Tracy on Sunday. Good to be busy.

Work has been extremely busy as well. Its the voliatily in the market, I suppose. The civil unrest in the Middle East. Spiking oil prices. Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.

Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)

Monday, 14 March 2011

West Wing

We completed watching The West Wing over the weekend. What a brillant script writer Aaron Sorkin is. The series were perfectly crafted and scenes were written beautifully. The actors were brillant Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin. Actresses too.

I miss it already. It was so beautifully crafted so true to today's politics, its uncanny.

Shocked horror

What's there to say? I came into work blurry eyed Friday morning and watched the tsunami live on TV. Live TV sometimes is and can be sickening. This is one of those times.
Saturday morning I was glued to the TV in a rather morbid sickening sort of way. I am sure that the TV viewing audience was in the trillions and probably it will solve the UK as well as the US budget deficit. Is it glorifying a crisis? Yes, no doubt about it.
The displaced people. The survivors. The dead. The missing.
The crass people wrote about how this will be good for the Japanese economy in the medium and longer term once the search and rescue and the aftershocks had subsided. There are also traders and dealers here that is thinking about the supply versus demand and the push on prices of commodities. The spin that is here today, listening in on the dealers predicting or not predicting the prices and the outlook. There are people out there that seems to think it is a simple problem - reduce the dependency on petrol.

Its inevitable, life goes on but maybe, just maybe for a short space of time, let the Japanese people in peace whilst they fight to restore some semblance of a daily life. Whilst the nuclear reactors meltdown. Whilst the international search and rescue are searching and discovering the dead, burying the dead.

The FTSE fell. The Brent Crude fell too as well as the major currencies and majority of the commodity companies and insurance and reinsurance companies. Surprisingly, LVMH and Burberry stocks fell as well.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I have a distinct feeling that he has tried to get an errection but found himself unable to. I had thought that I would feel cheated once I found out but I didn't feel anything other than sympathy. We are still friends and he should try the honesty pill.
He sent me a text just now asking me if I still love him and do I love him?
IDK. I know one thing- I am not ever going back on the vicious cycle. I am not up for the one holding it together knowing that he can't love nor can ever love me. Kim tells me that I am looking for a fairytale love story.
If he had asked me the question a year ago, I would have said yes. Now IDK. Surely thats a tiny step forward?

Not to mention, I like myself a whole lot better. I may not have the sexual animalistic chemistry in my relationship but I revel in the stability and the anchor that its provided me. I like to be loved by someone and being cared for, someone that I can count upon. I can lean on Chris and Chris isn't afraid to lean on me. Stability is what I need.

It has been awhile but I am finally happy and I will not allow him to wreck my life again

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ash Wednesday

What a beautiful spring day. The sun is out and shining bright. I love it when the sun is out. Its beautiful. Georgeous. Makes me think off daffodils and primroses

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

I fell down this morning walking from Moorgate to The Gherkin. Bruised my knees and my elbows. Scuffed my ankle boots. My trousers gotten dirty and my winter coat too. I didn't hurt myself badly just my dignity. Slipped.
Embrassed myself instead.

Isabella is poorly. She stayed home from school. Pawel has moved into the flat and hopefully started demolishing.

Monday, 7 March 2011


He is an accessory in my life. He can accept my terms and if he tried to dictate his terms he can now shove his terms up his perverbial.

Relaxing Monday

The weekend had been hectic. Found myself walking up and down Hampstead 4 times on Saturday and walked home from Kentish Town. It was hilarious though.
We bought Isabella her first adult bike on Saturday. It has 21gears, its mind boggling. She kept looking at the bike, ogling it and kept repeating the sentence, "its big, its huge". It has not hit her fully yet, that she is no longer on those Barbie bikes. She loves her bike, needless to say.
Her birthday party was on Saturday evening, a murder mystery dinner at a hotel in Russell Square. All her friends showed up and dressed up appropriately to play the role they were assigned to that evening and it was based upon The Curse of Soloman's ring in 1923. Chris and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant with some friends of ours, whilst the party was on.
Isabella later that evening proclaimed that it was one of her best birthday party ever. But she didn't realise how much work went into organising it all.

Sunday was more at a relaxing pace. I went to our local fishmonger, French/Japanese. He gave me tons of fish heads all free. How kind of him. We got chatting about him setting up a cookery school in the basement and his freebie Japanese tasting fish dishes this weekend. It was fun. I had fun, chatting about cultures and cuisines and living here.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is Isabella's birthday. She is 12. I feel that parent versus teen angst coming, is already happening but will increase in frequency as the months progresses.

What does she want to do for her birthday? She wants doughnuts, cakes and peas and rice tonight. So thats what it will be.

I had a quick coffee with Chris this morning, I was down his way buying Krispy Kremes, so we walked over to Starbucks and had a quick chat and coffee. Went over to Gherkin and bought her a cake from our favourite baker - Konditor & Cook.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Springy Tuesday

I like sitting at work where I am currently. It had taken me at least 6years to get another seat. I still have my office and I am happy about that but I spend the better part of my day here now. The dealers find it disconcerting but it livens up my day.

Parent teachers meeting this evening. Will it tell me something that I do not already know about my daughter? I doubt it.

Rumbling in the background is the organising Chris's surprise birthday party in April, a few days before we fly home. I am trying to get a few of his friends round for a meal. Chris being Chris hates a fuss being made. He never minded before. Old age, I guess. lol

Friday is Isabella's birthday. Saturday is her party.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Spent most of Monday chasing around. Went to Wickes, ordered 50meters worth of white walls and floor tiles. Bought some door knobs, I am hoping merely to transform the kitchen without spending  too much money. So I bought 2 packs of silver door knobs. I had to purchase a new washer dryer as well as a new dishwasher, bought all Bosch products and from John Lewis. Bought new lighting, track halogen lights for the hallway, kitchen and the 2nd bedroom as well as wall lights for the living room and master bedroom.
Will have to buy some table lamps either for the living room and new lamp shades for the maybe a burgundy shades for the master bedroom as the have really dark wood fitted wardrobes. Throughout the flat the furniture are off a dark wood, so I will be having the flat painted in white; floor and ceiling. Accent colours will be in bold colours but thats only in cushions and maybe lampshades.
I am considering buying a nice sofabed for the second bedroom, once again white in colour. Once again thats due to the fact that fitted furniture is once again dark wood.
We went to a bike shop too and paid £300 for a new bike for Isabella's birthday. My little girl is nearly as tall as me these days, not that I am that tall, still. She will be 12 on Friday. Imagine, I am have 12year old.