Monday, 14 March 2011

Shocked horror

What's there to say? I came into work blurry eyed Friday morning and watched the tsunami live on TV. Live TV sometimes is and can be sickening. This is one of those times.
Saturday morning I was glued to the TV in a rather morbid sickening sort of way. I am sure that the TV viewing audience was in the trillions and probably it will solve the UK as well as the US budget deficit. Is it glorifying a crisis? Yes, no doubt about it.
The displaced people. The survivors. The dead. The missing.
The crass people wrote about how this will be good for the Japanese economy in the medium and longer term once the search and rescue and the aftershocks had subsided. There are also traders and dealers here that is thinking about the supply versus demand and the push on prices of commodities. The spin that is here today, listening in on the dealers predicting or not predicting the prices and the outlook. There are people out there that seems to think it is a simple problem - reduce the dependency on petrol.

Its inevitable, life goes on but maybe, just maybe for a short space of time, let the Japanese people in peace whilst they fight to restore some semblance of a daily life. Whilst the nuclear reactors meltdown. Whilst the international search and rescue are searching and discovering the dead, burying the dead.

The FTSE fell. The Brent Crude fell too as well as the major currencies and majority of the commodity companies and insurance and reinsurance companies. Surprisingly, LVMH and Burberry stocks fell as well.

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