Monday, 7 March 2011

Relaxing Monday

The weekend had been hectic. Found myself walking up and down Hampstead 4 times on Saturday and walked home from Kentish Town. It was hilarious though.
We bought Isabella her first adult bike on Saturday. It has 21gears, its mind boggling. She kept looking at the bike, ogling it and kept repeating the sentence, "its big, its huge". It has not hit her fully yet, that she is no longer on those Barbie bikes. She loves her bike, needless to say.
Her birthday party was on Saturday evening, a murder mystery dinner at a hotel in Russell Square. All her friends showed up and dressed up appropriately to play the role they were assigned to that evening and it was based upon The Curse of Soloman's ring in 1923. Chris and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant with some friends of ours, whilst the party was on.
Isabella later that evening proclaimed that it was one of her best birthday party ever. But she didn't realise how much work went into organising it all.

Sunday was more at a relaxing pace. I went to our local fishmonger, French/Japanese. He gave me tons of fish heads all free. How kind of him. We got chatting about him setting up a cookery school in the basement and his freebie Japanese tasting fish dishes this weekend. It was fun. I had fun, chatting about cultures and cuisines and living here.

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  1. "The Curse of Solomon's Ring" sounds like the after-effects of a gay curry evening...(sorry)