Tuesday, 15 February 2011


My first real enthusiastic effort in looking around the job market. My initial feelings were self doubt, whether I am in over my head, way too far outside my comfort zone or if I would feel too out of place in such a place. I was surprised that I didn't feel intimidated nor out of place, the hiring manager whom I met up with did try his best, I thought. Steve did stressed that it has to be someone that has the techical knowledge, legally qualified and seniority within the industry. Also someone that has the "intellect" and fit their "brand". These were his words, not mine, intellect and brand. To be what exactly? Someone befits a person that is capable of working in UBS, what a joke.

Anyway, dye is cast. I have been, I have seen and I have chatted. I am surprised and reasonably happy and proud of myself for even getting a toe into their doors.

CICC approached me again yesterday. I supposed you do get what you paid for in life. I told the headhunter to speak to their Global Head and get their approval of the salary range. I am not interested in going down the road and it all fell apart as it did last time due to salary. Its no point being cheap, in the city, you do get what you paid for. Pay peanuts you will get monkies.

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