Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chinese New Year's Eve

Tomorrow is the new year, the Year of the Rabbit. Isabella asked about reunion dinner tonight. We will eat simply at home tonight - curry noodles soup with fish balls, stuffed beancurd and asssortment of "liew".

Mom is better after her laser treatment, her right eyes have recovered after the membrane had been lasered. She had a scare yesterday when she woke up to a bloody red right eyes.  She is chirpy, after all she can see better. She will have her left eyes done late March. She will go home in May thus begins her 6months back home and a chance to travel to places that she wants to visit. I sincerely hope that my sister will put aside her own selfishness and stinginess with money and see that mom is getting old, she needs to spend time with her. As with father, it doesn't matter that he hurt us when we were younger, its all water under the bridge. Money spent can be re-earned, time spent with parents are precious. Regrets will not bring them back. Mom has expressed a desire to visit Korea and Taiwan and I will pay for those trips, it doesn't matter. She will spend Isabella's birthdays and Christmases with us for as long as she is able to. Isabella is growing up, she is going to be 12 next month. How time flies.

Isabella feels conflicted. Whilst she wants and needs her independence, she loves her grandmother a lot. After all, she is the only grandmother that she has. I feel sorry for her. I too faces the same dilemma. Whilst I appreciate my mother's hardwork and immigrating for me, I wished that she quit being so manipulative. My life isn't the chess board and certainly it isn't a series of moves to be traded. I also feel that as she grows older,  the simpler lifestyle at home will suit her better.

I had a job offer soon after he went back to Sydney after his visit to UK. I thought about it and thought about it, never telling him and didn't tell anyone. It was a Asia Pac job, same company, right on his patch.

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