Monday, 28 February 2011


What an amazing weekend. We flew EasyJet, cheap no frill airline. After all, we had merely wanted a quick weekend getaway. A friend of ours got us a deal at a 5star hotel at a crazy amount of EUR60 and we were even upgraded for free to a corner suite. What a nice chap he is.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful other than a loud Englishman that was drunk before the flight and more drunk during the flight itself. The airline really shouldn't be so irresponsible in plying him with more alcohol, yes, EasyJet profits but he could become a handful. He was a rowdy and boisterous. Typical of an Englishman abroad, shame really.

The weekend blew past rather too quickly for my liking. The city itself with its combination of building, pre Communist, post Communist and during the Soviet era were a mish mash of style and architecture shock, horror and delight. Cobblestone walks runs in tandem with the 1970s massive Soviet style square box buildings. Food was a delight, I was pleasantly surprised how the food is so intrinsigically Modern European wherever we went.

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