Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rainy dull Thursday

Its been a dull Thursday, rainy and drizzly. Life is good, have had a suggestion thats came from the left field. Totally unexpected. Flattering but unexpected.
At one point it ticks a lot of the boxes. I was awhile back entertaining the idea of an FWB, just occasionally, as and when. The sticky wicky is that he is the fiancee of a good and close friend of mine. I have tried to be forthright with her, asking her some uncomfortable questions. However, she has this bravado about her, which I know deep down inside doesn't run through. I have also gone through enough with her to know that she have had problems in accepting his liasions; especially liasions whereby she knows off that person.
The good thing about this, if there's such a thing, is that its an FWB situation, he knows that he is a FWB and I know that he is a FWB, nothing more than that. It will never be more than that. But and it is a big but, I don't want to ever hurt my good friend. Her friendship is by far more important to me than sex, casual sex.
Furthermore, in my head, I have never entertained nor thought about him in any other ways; other than as my good friend's fiancee.
I don't think so. I doubt it. Life is good now. Its on an even kneel. Why jeorpardise it?

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  1. Don't go there hunnie, why are you so desperate to be the other woman, why not be happy and concentrate on what you have?