Thursday, 19 May 2011

Looking forward to the weekend

Its been a long ole week this week. Too much socialising. It has been good but it also shows that I am not one for flirting and endless amounts of small talk, night after night. Listening to BS and even more BS.

Flat has been rented out for over a week now. It didn't stay on the market for long, a mere 2 days. It was a mad scramble, last minute tidying up and boxing some bits and pieces for the final push. Everyone pitched in, Chris in particular. Its all sorted now, tenants are in. Last week  there had been a lot of hand holding by me and the agents involved since living in London is a completely new culture to this family. I am glad that they have finally settle down now, its been exhausting as well as stressful all this babying.

There are some bits and pieces that needs doing around the house, now that the weather is finally looking up. For the past 2 days, it has been getting Isabella's bedroom updated, with a promise that she will have to remove and maintain a clutter free bedroom. lol I wonder how long this clutter free vibe will last.

Then it is repotting of a lot of plants. All my palm trees at the front have all died due to the severe last winter even though these palm trees are hardy. Last winter had been really bad.

Regrouting all the bathrooms, now thats a must, particularly mom's bathroom. Its nasty. Then its the extension revival. Maybe a new kitchen. I am going to Homebase on Saturday for an initial quote.

Repaving the back patio is another job for this summer.

Endless little jobs lol.

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